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JBOSS Consulting

JBoss Consulting Services – SOA, ESB, EAP

About Jboss: JBoss Application Server is an open source software; Java EE-based application server. JBoss application server operates cross-platform: usable on any operating system that supports Java.

What we are offering

Specifically, We have proven experience with the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite, with a particular focus on the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, Hibernate etc.

Our JBoss consulting services enable customers to leverage our extensive services that are featured rich, high performance, fully manageable, highly scalable and reliable, and integrate easily into the rest of your infrastructure. Our consultants are available for providing 24/7 on-call support during the contract period, if required.

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JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

Features and Benefits
The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform brings the flexibility to facilitate a business to drive consumer value and react to change in an open or affordable manner. The JBoss Enterprise SOA platform is a single platform to discover, combine and arrange SOA business services, enterprise applications, and other IT resources into automated business processes. Other benefits and features include:

  • Supported by the open source leader, delivered by certified experts.
  • Market leading, open source middleware.
  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is a low price alternative to other pricey proprietary middleware platforms.
  • Chains several integration architectures – enterprise application integration, SOA service integration, event-driven architecture, process and business rules services integration.
  • Multi-platform, built on standards with the value of integration.
  • Apparent and easy subscription model, which includes software, support, and upgrades
  • Built on a next-generation ESB and includes a UDDI v3 registry, workflow and business rules execution.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Features and Benefits

  • Absolute Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (JBoss Developer Studio)
  • JBoss EAP supports a wide range of Java EE and Web Services standards.
  • Enterprise for Java Beans and Java Persistence
  • JBoss EAP bundles and integrates Hibernate
  • JBoss Seam Framework and Web Application Services
  • Caching, Clustering, and High Availability
  • Security Services
  • Web Services and Interoperability
  • Integration and Messaging Services
  • Embeddable, Service-Oriented Architecture microkernel
  • Consistent Manageability
  • Built-in Java naming and directory interface (JNDI) support is available
  • Built-in JTA for two-phase commit transaction support
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is certified under the Common Criteria at EAL 2+

Management for JBoss Enterprise Middleware

From the JBoss Operation Network console, you can work on:

  • Inventory resources (operating system to applications)
  • Control and review your application configurations to standardize deployments
  • Manage, scrutinize and tune your applications for enhanced visibility, performance and accessibility
  • Synchronize the various stages of application lifecycle and expose a consistent view of your middleware components through multifaceted environments
  • Improve operational competence and consistency all the way through thorough visibility into application availability and performance, and successfully manage configuration and rollout of new applications across complex environments

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