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IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 Scripting and Automation

Course Description: IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 Scripting and Automation
Duration: 5 Days
After completing this course, trainees should be able to:

  • Describe the WebSphere Application Server support for scripting and automation
  • Use Jython and the Application Server Toolkit (AST) to develop automated scripts
  • Identify the administrative objects and programming APIs needed for administrative scripting
  • Use the wsadmin tool to prototype and run scripts
  • Write scripts to automate common WebSphere Application Server administration tasks
  • Describe the use of Ant (Another Neat Tool) to automate tasks
  • Use the Jacl (Java Application Control Language) to Jython conversion tool


Day 1
Unit 1 - Class introduction
Unit 2 - Introduction to Scripting
Unit 3 - WebSphere Application Server administrative concepts and architecture
Exercise 1: Automating the installation of WebSphere Application Server
Unit 4 - WebSphere Application Server scripting facilities
Unit 5 - Using wsadmin
Exercise 2: Using wsadmin to explore the WebSphere Application Server environment

Day 2
Unit 6 - Jython basics
Unit 7 - Jython development using the AST
Exercise 3: Using the AST to develop Jython scripts
Unit 8 - Administrative object basics: Help and AdminConfig

Day 3
Exercise 4: Using the AdminConfig object
Unit 9 - Administrative object basics: AdminApp
Exercise 5: Using the AdminApp object
Unit 10 - Administrative object basics: AdminControl
Exercise 6: Using the AdminControl object
Unit 11- Administrative object basics: AdminTask

Day 4
Exercise 7: Using the AdminTask object
Unit 12 - Introduction to the Trade application
Unit 13 - Configuring and managing servers and server resources using scripting
Exercise 8: Creating and configuring the Trade server environment using scripting
Unit 14 - Deploying and managing the Trade application using scripting
Exercise 9: Deploying and managing the Trade application using scripting

Day 5
Unit 15 - Using ws_ant
Exercise 10: ws_ant scripting
Unit 16 - Using the Jacl2Jython conversion assistant
Exercise 11: Converting Jacl scripts to Jython using Jacl2Jython
Unit 17 - Class summary

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